About us

Wouldn't it be great to get the best of outsourcing with all the benefits of offshore and onsite implementations? Well that’s just what we are all about.

iTTalenthub is a unique network  of highly talented entrepreneurial IT Professionals coming together to provide solutions with advantage of offshore cost benefit, onsite access, convenience and management.

How do we do it?

The positive side effect of today's economy has been that it has made available a large pool of Talent that is waiting to be tapped. However geographic constraints limit these resources to be put to the best of use. Our business model helps cater to today’s demands of the corporate world for highly productive resources at low costs by overcoming the constraints of access and management of resources.

Our Business Model

We have a highly skilled certified team  of professionals that include Business Managers, IT professionals, Solution Architects who are carefully screened based on their verified past experience and proven track record.

These individuals work independently or with a team of professionals in their respective  geographic area to meet your requirements. So what you get is one or more Solution Architects handling your projects independently or with easy to access team of resources. Our Architects will be your single point of contact and would provide you with high quality affordable solutions to your business needs.

It Works!

The reason it works is quite apparent because we impose the trust and belief that drive the individuals to deliver. The environment is performance oriented,  with no one watching over one's shoulder, with results oriented benefits, flexibility of time and comfort of home one is bound perform well and exceed your expectations.

Current Focus Areas

We are a fast expanding network of professionals with experience ranging from 15 to 20+ years with focus areas in  Client Server, Web, Data Integration/Business Intelligence Technologies,

We currently have a highly focused network of Business Intelligence and Data Integration Specialists with extensive experience in Decision Support Application implementations, available immediately.

If you have a need  for highly skilled certified professionals with proven track record in the above areas, please contact us @ info@ittalenthub.com